HeatSec, is a leading supplier of high security solutions for the Nordic market, we are focusing on customer total needs and even their desire for discretion, therefore you will never find any customer references in this information. We supply Thermal  Security Cameras, hand-held  high-speed cameras, infrared windows and optics as well as bollards and other forms of road blockers. However, our main focus is and has always been Thermal Imaging Systems in various forms and solutions, where we can supply everything from off the shelf items from our vendor Flir Systems up to custom designed camera solutions built into specific housings, for special demands according to customer requirements. HeatSec have through the owners and sales great knowledge and experience in thermal technology totally more than 45 years of experience with Thermal Imaging. This assist us to be able to provide our clients the best advice and guidance in the selection of its System solution which saves them for extra cost added by selecting the wrong solution and system, compared to go correctly the first time. We always strive to deliver on customer expectations, and should also be able to say no / give remarks if we fail to deliver after customers’ requirements to the full. We are up to rather one more discussion on the product rather than one less.
HeatSec AS will always seek to expand its product assortment in collaboration with our customers and adapting to their the then current needs. We hold approvals to assist integrators in the country as well as in the offshore Industry.

Feel free to contact us for more info: post@heatsec.com