FLIR Ranger R3D Radar

Ranger R3D

Switchable, FMCW and Pulse Doppler Mid-Range Ground Surveillance Radar

The innovative Ranger® R3D radar leverages the resolution and accuracy of advanced frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of traditional Pulse Doppler (PD) radars in a single, compact and lightweight package.

The ruggedized Ranger R3D is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of both permanent, all-weather installations and mobile, stop-and-scan operations. No matter the deployment scenario, the high resolution Ranger R3D can detect pedestrians, crawlers, and vehicles in virtually any weather or lighting condition.

The dual mode capability of the Ranger R3D allows operators to switch between FastScan and Doppler modes depending on the terrain and detection requirements. The enhanced performance capabilities support both radial and tangential detection, eliminating any perceived disadvantages of the core technologies.

The accuracy and ease of integration and operation of the Ranger R3D, like the entire line of FLIR radars, separates it from the competition. Whether to secure airports or sea ports, borders or public infrastructure assets, or for force protection, Ranger R3D is today’s answer for detecting and tracking intruders as part of a wide area surveillance solution.

The Ranger R3D provides the capability to switch between FastScan and Doppler mode at the operator’s command, depending on the terrain.