FLIR Ranger R5D Radar

Ranger R5D

Ranger R5

Dual Mode, Perimeter Surveillance Radar

The Ranger® R5D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed specifically for the environmental conditions common to the Middle East region. Operating in the Ka-band, this radar has a small size to enable great portability.

As a Dual Mode radar, the Ranger R5D uses FMCW modulation and can be operated in either Fast Scan or Doppler mode. Both modes provide capability to detect tangential movement. The same antenna is used in both modes. Scan rate, RF bandwidth, and PRFs are optimized according to the mode selected.

 Low False Alarm Rates

The Fast Scan mode provides for a fast, 1 Hz target refresh rate. In Doppler mode, improved clutter rejection provides for better detectability of small and slow targets.

Unlike typical Doppler radars, the Ranger R5D has a low Minimum Detectable Velocity (MDV) and can detect quasi-tangential motion. Its high resolution and advanced tracking algorithms result in low false alarm rates while the angular sector blanking functionality allows the operator to set ON/OFF transmit zones.