The 4-litter military variant of the BearCat MedEvac is designed to meet the requirements of military personnel with training in tactical combat casual care (TC3). This BearCat variant is equipped with (4) tactical assault liters; two upper litters with loading mechanism and two lower; each with stainless steel blood trays. The bench storage is custom designed per requirement and can accommodate scoop stretchers, head immobilizers and specific medical supplies. Custom cabinetry is designed for Oxygen tanks with regulators, AC power, medical desk, defibrillator, suction and patient monitor; among other mission critical equipment. Additional exam lights and high-powered overhead trauma lighting aids in tactical field care. The BearCat MedEvac is also equipped with a rotating roof hatch and optional Gunner’s Protection Kit for tactical operations.

  • Mass Evacuation and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3)
  • On-Road / Urban or Off-Road / Rural Tire Packages available
  • Equipped with 4 litters, medic seat and storage for medical gear
  • Gunner’s Protection Kit allows for Response & Rescue

  • 4-litter Tactical Field Care configuration
  • Bench storage for custom medical equipment per end user requirement
  • Steel Armor Construction with optional B-Kit & frag protection
  • Optional Gunner Protection Kit with mounts for M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal
  • V8 Turbo Diesel Engine for high speed and off-road capability
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for easy and low-cost maintenance

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