The Lenco BearCat G2 is the standard tactical armored vehicle for special operations units within the US Law Enforcement community. Since the early 2000s, agencies such as LAPD, LASD SEB, NYPD ESU, Boston PD and hundreds of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies have made the BearCat G2 part of their standard operating procedure. The G2 has excellent on-road driving characteristics and maneuverability in tight urban settings. The large floor plan seats 10 – 12 fully equipped officers with a long list of tactical features only found on the Lenco BearCat line of armored SWAT vehicles for Police and Government.

  • On-Road & Urban Tactics
  • Seats 10-12 Fully Equipped Officers
  • 2-Door and 4-Door Variants Available
  • Open floor plan allows for rescue of downed personnel

  • Standard vehicle in US SWAT
  • All Steel Armor Construction
  • High Ballistic Protection
  • V8 Turbo Diesel Engine; 4×4
  • Commonality of parts with other BearCat variants
  • Fully configurable to a wide array of BearCat variants

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