The Border Security variant of the Lenco BearCat X3 is a quick-response armored vehicle with mobile ground radar surveillance technology. The fully integrated Ground Radar Surveillance unit includes mission specific, software driven sensors for early notification of motion across targeted areas. The equipment sensors include the long-range radar surveillance unit, along with long range cooled thermal image sensors and / or shorter range IR and color sensors. The surveillance package allows for day/night, all-weather operations with controls inside the armored crew compartment of a climate controlled BearCat.

  • Mobile Radar Surveillance for Border patrol
  • Seats 4 Fully Equipped Officers
  • Interior Command Station with Controls for Ground Radar
  • Quick Response when objects are detected

  • All Steel Armor Construction
  • High Ballistic Protection
  • 360-degree sector scan for surveillance
  • Track and scan over 300 targets
  • Flexible configurations depending on security requirements

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