The Lenco BearCat VIP is a Diplomatic protection vehicle that offers significantly higher ballistic and blast protection than is possible in an armored Suburban or other commercial SUV platforms. The VIP has a modular floorplan that can accommodate 6 forward-facing luxury chairs or blast protected seats. As an alternative, the BearCat VIP can have a fully open floorplan with wall-mounted seats, traditional gunner stand and Gunner’s Protection Kit for Convoy Security. The lower profile design integrates with commercial platforms more easily than BearCat G-Series or X-Series platforms.

  • Seats 8 fully equipped operators or 6 VIP occupants (modular floorplan)
  • Open floor plan allows for quick entry and egress
  • Low profile design with proven Lenco steel armor protection
  • Heavy duty truck chassis is more durable than commercial SUV platforms

  • Designed for Dignitary Transport, VIP protection and Convoy Security
  • Steel Armor Construction with optional B-Kit & underbody frag protection
  • Optional Gunner Protection Kit with mounts for M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal
  • Convoy Security features such as jamming devices and counter-drone technology
  • V8 Turbo Diesel Engine for high speed and off-road capability
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for easy and low-cost maintenance

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