The Elara™ FC-Series ID is one of FLIR’s premium thermal security cameras for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series ID includes onboard video analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, resulting in fewer false alarms. The Elara FC-Series ID also offers a wide range of high-performance lenses and multiple resolutions, giving greater flexibility in tailoring security systems to specific site conditions.

Reliable onboard analytics

The Elara FC-Series ID accurately classifies humans and vehicles, and enables target hand-off to PTZ camera auto-tracking.

Industry-Leading Image Quality

The Elara FC-Series produces superior thermal image quality in low-contrast conditions using custom AGCs and Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE).

High-Performance Lenses

Choose from a wide range of high-performance lenses for optimal detection ranges in all conditions.

Export Restrictions

The information contained in this page pertains to a dual use product controlled for export by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited. US Department of Commerce authorization is not required prior to export or transfer to foreign persons or parties unless otherwise prohibited.